What is HydroFrame?


Understanding the movement and availability of water locally and across the country is of paramount importance to economic productivity and human health of our nation. Hydrologic scientists, who study how water moves on earth, are actively tackling these challenges using increasingly complex computational methods. However, modeling advances have not been easily translated to the broader community of scientists and professionals due to technical barriers to entry. The community of scientists and decision makers addressing water challenges need new infrastructure to facilitate easy interaction with large computationally intensive hydrologic models and massive simulated outputs. We combine research in computer science and hydrology to build a software framework to simulate movement of water from backyards to the national scale. This software framework draws from computer models and supercomputers capable of analyzing big data to provide unprecedented simulations of water movement over the continental US. We envision a broad community of users who will have multiple ways to interact with the software framework. For the hydrologic scientist who is interested in generating their own scenarios the framework will facilitate direct interaction with the hydrologic models and the ability to generate simulations on the fly. Conversely, we will also provide a set of static output and a range of tools for a broader set of users who would like to evaluate hydrologic projections locally or extract model data for use in other analyses.